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So who exactly are Spark of Inspiration?

Well, Spark of Inspiration is a family run retailers specialising in educational learning toys for all ages (o.k., mostly children).   Our ethos is to encourage children of all ages and abilities to develop their own, unique, creative abilities.   We believe that with gentle encouragement children gain the confidence to question and through questioning are able to expand upon and use ideas and information that they are given.  Children thrive when they receive the correct level of mental stimulation.  As parents, we embrace anything that can help us to deliver this – we thought that other parent's too might share our enthusiasm.

We wanted to give children access to a varied source of information and encourage them to find things out by doing. For us, educational toys shouldn't be dull or boring - quite the opposite. The more exciting and stimulating kids find a learning activity, the more enthusiastic they will be about following it through or progressing to a further level.   The more enthusiastic and actively engaged your child becomes in tasks, the more benefit they'll gain from them. liked what we were trying to achieve and earlier this year awarded us with a runner-up accolade for the "Best Family Business of the Year Award" for the South East Region.


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