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The Lonpos 101 Pyramid and Rectangular game consists of 12 geometric shaped puzzle pieces, each unique in shape and colour, housed in a little black carry box which doubles as a two playing boards, together with a 48 page, full colour manual.

The manual includes 101 preset problems to get you started some 2D, some 3D. 

BUT WHAT DO YOU DO?? I hear you ask.

The rules are really simple:

Players start off by setting out a puzzle at their chosen level (you can start with one of the pre-set puzzles available within the manual).  

This is done by placing a set number of your 12 pieces onto the board in specified positions.

Lonpos Puzzle Pieces Once your pre-set pieces are in place, they must not be moved. 

The aim is to use your remaining pieces to solve your chosen problem. 

That sounds easy doesn't it?  Don't be fooled!!

Not every puzzle you set out will have a unique answer and though the 48 page puzzle book included sets out 101 puzzles to get you started, there are over 356,000 combinations to keep you busy. 

Lonpos PuzzleA level 1 puzzle (the easiest) for example, sets out 11 puzzle pieces and contains only one gap for you to fill.  A level five puzzle however, ups the anti quite considerably.  Progress all the way through to the challenges if you can handle it.

This is a great travel puzzle too - if you need to pack away in a hurry just use a level 1 puzzle to fit everything neatly back into the box and you're away.

Purchasing more than one Lonpos 101 at a time is recommended, this way you are able to add another dimension to your game playing.   Multi-players can start their problems together and see who finishes first.

Adults just love this puzzle but it's fantastic for children too.  Don't just take our word for it - play it for yourself and see the results.

We advise that to gain maximum benefit from Lonpos 101, young children are supervised and guided by adults or more able children.   Children benefit most when the problem set is at the right level for them, so perhaps work through the puzzles from the first level and provide support and a lot of encouragement when they reach the harder levels. 

It is know that children working in mixed ability groups can benefit if encouraged to share problem solving ideas and techniques.   Those that are more able provide the scaffolding that generates confidence and understanding in their peers.   The great thing about Lonpos is that it can turn the abstract concepts of maths into something more hands-on and concrete. 

Once a child develops their understanding of the concrete, physical pieces that they can touch feel and actually manipulate into positions of their choice, they will be better able to grasp an understanding of the more abstract concepts of space and geometry.   Confidence builds confidence. 

As children become absorbed with the task in hand they improve their concentration, analytic skills, memory, fine motor skills and more.  Where better to put these techniques into practice than using Lonpos 101 in a classroom perhaps.

You've done it!!  What a fantastic sense of achievement, you're ready to move onto a new problem.  This is just great - even better if you're a child and you've solved the problem before your parent or grandparent.  That's the beauty of this game – anyone can play.  Lonpos is a family favourite.

Try Lonpos for yourself today.


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